Learning & Education

Total Sports Tours can also provide bespoke education - package options would include:

  • English and Maths: For schools that require full tutor group tuition built into their Itinerary on all education curriculum (both UK and international based schools), including GCSE, iGCSE and A Level or bespoke education programmes. The School can identify a particular area of the curriculum that they wish to cover on the trip and a fully qualified teacher will be on hand to deliver the lessons.
  • Foreign Students Programme: Teaching English through the medium of football - the students will learn English through football terminology and the history of football. This will be brought to you by qualified ESOL tutors.
  • English Students Abroad: Teaching the English students basic foreign language skills through the medium of football and the culture of the visiting area. The students will have historical educational tours and will be taught the basics of the foreign language by qualified tutors.
  • Life Skills Programme: Whether home or abroad, the students will learn some of the key life skills of a professional football player. The programme looks at the history of the game, both nationally and locally, dealing with the media and nutrition. The students will experience being a professional footballer by taking part in live interviews and working with nutritionists on diet plans for performance and recovery.

All education packages are delivered by staff that are fully qualified in their own areas of expertise, with each bespoke request being priced on an individual basis, as required by the institution.

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